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Woman in Black

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The Woman in Black is a spine chilling tale which is a story retold by an old man to a young actor and to his friends and family which contains experiences that have deeply worried him and possessed him. In short, it is a tale of one man's experience of his duties being interfered with by a spectre of a Woman in Black whose very presence and association with, means certain death.

The Woman in Black is an exciting and gripping tale and now in a long run over 15 years. It has been critically acclaimed as one of the most successful events ever staged. Stephen Mallatratt's adaptation of Susan Hill's best selling novel has captured the true essence of the original novel and is entirely true to the book using much of the original descriptive dialogue in its transformation to the stage

Tickets to see the Woman in Black are going to be tickets to a journey of inner fears and of innocence lost and possession It is a gripping tale, excellently written and staged to make the Woman in Black a must see experieience as long as you have the strength of mind to withstand the fear within you.

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Woman in Black Tickets

The Woman in Black
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Showing @ Fortune Theatre

The Woman in Black tickets
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The Woman in Black tickets
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