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The Woman in Black


"A truly nerve-shredding experience"
Daily Mail

"Don't go unless you like being scared out of your wits"
Sunday Mirror

"Prepare for sleepless nights!"
Daily Express

"A Brilliantly effective spine-chiller, it plays on all our primal fears"
The Guardian

"The most chilling and thrilling play for years" Daily Mail

"Imaginative and hideously real"
The Times

"Guaranteed to chill the blood"
London Evening Standard

"Provides a pleasurable ripple of fear down one's spine and an uncomfortable lurch in the pit of one's stomach."
-Time Out

"A brilliantly effective spine chiller.... The narrative is gripping."
- Guardian

"A gripping tale, grippingly told."
- Financial Times

The Woman in Black
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Showing @ Fortune Theatre

The Woman in Black tickets
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The Woman in Black tickets
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