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We Will Rock You - The Story

The musical We Will Rock You was written by comedian and author Ben Elton together with the remaining Queen members, Brain May and Roger Taylor. The story of We Will Rock You is set in the future where anything that is seen to be individualistic or original is shunned and banned. A lone dreamer appears on the scene who tells of a prophecy that, through change and a magical discovery of an ancient guitar, there will be the return of Rock & Roll, to free people from the chains of monotony and boredom.

The place is Earth and total globalisation has completed its influence. Everyone shares the same fashions and individual cultures have been merged into one. Children watch the same movies and TV channels and even think the same thoughts. The world has become safe and free from religious dogma and political extremes, to become a boring but uniform society.

Freedom of expression is not necessary and art, pop and rock and roll music have been banned for centuries. Even musical instruments are banned. Underneath this sterile society, underground deep in the subterranean caverns live the Bohemians. These rebels believe that there once was a golden age of expression when kids could perform their own songs and create and play their own sounding music.

The Bohemians dream that one day self expression could return to the above world and dream that there will be a return of rock and roll music. They call this day The Rhapsody. For those of you who are familiar with the music of Queen, you will relate to this - 'Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see'. The Bohemians also believe that somewhere hidden on the planet is a mighty axe and a guitar that used to belong to a hairy rock and roll guitarist that lies buried deep in a rock, placed there during a golden age when it was believed that one day it would be found to inspire kids once again to rise up and live a new free life.

We Will Rock You is the anthem of the search for this symbol of the axe and guitar and it will be the object of the quest like their holy grail to resurrect a free society. But they would need a hero to find this axe and guitar and this hero would have to a strong rebel with a heart of solid rock who would be able to seek out and find the axe guitar and withdraw it from the rock like Arthur withdrew Excalibur from the stone. It was also believed that through playing this sacred guitar it would restore the freedom of expression within all of humanity and relive those ancient rock and roll anthems once again so that the Bohemians could once again sing We Will Rock You.

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Showing @ Dominion Theatre

We Will Rock You tickets
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We Will Rock You tickets
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