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Trafalgar Studios

The Trafalgar Studio Theatre is situated on Whitehall and has only recently been converted from the solitary Whitehall Theatre to the all new 2 small studio theatres one above each other. This innovative alteration was made in 2004 to provide a 380 capacity small upper Studio 1 Theatre and a very small and intimate lower Studio 2 Theatre with only 100 seat capacity. This new venue provided the perfect place for new productions to test their productions in front of the London Theatre goers, which had not been commercially possible before. Originally the Trafalgar was known as the Art Deco Whitehall Theatre, which was built in 1930 on the site of an old tavern 'Ye Old Ship Tavern', which had occupied the site since 1650. This was demolished and reconstructed on the opposite side of the road when the Whitehall Theatre was built in 1930. The Whitehall became famous for the Brian Rix Farces known as the 'Whitehall Farces' from 1950 to 1971. The Trafalgar Studios now offer a unique opportunity for every playwright to bring their production to the London West End.

Trafalgar Studios

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