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Theatre Royal Haymarket

The Royal Haymarket Theatre is, as its name implies, situated on the Haymarket. Originally known as the Little Theatre on the Haymarket, this site has been home to a theatre since 1720, this first theatre being built by a carpenter John Potter on the site of the Old Kings Head Inn and gun shop. The Little Theatre on Haymarket became a licensed theatre as from 1720 but only lasted for 5 months before closing. It took till 1766, when Samuel Foote took over the theatre and suffered an accident which led to the Duke of York granting him a patent license, to open the theatre full time. Since then the Theatre has acquired a Neo Classical Romanesque fašade, thanks to John Nash, and saw the introduction of matinee performances in 1873 much to the dismay of both actors and stage crew. The Royal Haymarket has recently benefited by a £1.3m refurbishment in 1994 which included the use of 1,200 books of English 24 karat pure gold leaf, new carpeting and upholstery, hand blocked wall paper and air conditioning.

Theatre Royal Haymarket

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