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Stomp - The Origins

The origins of Stomp started out by a couple of 'buskers' who performed a simple percussion performance on the streets of Brighton. Busking is the British term for street entertainers who encourage passers by to stop, watch and enjoy and hopefully give a tip to the busker. This is an age-old custom dating back to before the traditional theatres existed and probably dates back to early Middle Ages and Village Fairs where booth theatres would attempt to entertain the villagers in return for a small tip if they had amused people. The street busker of today echoes that medieval tradition and pastime as a wandering minstrel of the medieval fair.

Stomp is a multiple busking event where the audience can't simply walk on by. Instead, they take their seats to be entertained after paying their entrance fee. Stomp shows a true marriage of movement and music where both elements create harmony and enhance each other.

Stomp cannot be described as 'dance' as dance is only one element which makes up the show. Stomp creates and interesting and innovative experience and breaks all traditional boundaries of the performing arts and even invites the audience to participate to illustrate that anyone has the ability to Stomp whilst enlightening us all that sound and rhythm can apply to each and everyone of our everyday lives.

STOMP, however, cannot be described purely as a "dance," for dance is only one of the three elements which are combined to create the show - music, theatre and dance. The marriage of these three elements means that even though STOMP does not contain the traditional features, it does create an interesting and innovative show. It breaks all customary boundaries of the performing arts by inviting the audience to participate in the show, not only demonstrating that anyone has the ability to STOMP, but also encouraging us to take what we have learned about sound and rhythm and apply it to our own everyday lives.

The idea behind Stomp was to find music and rhythm in everyday items which we would normally ignore and the show goes against the traditions of what is music and dance and theatre and combines this in a innovative way to create a piece of work.

The creators of Stomp, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas, reject the idea that the show is performance art. As performance art often has the pretension that it is a performer or a group trying to make a political statement through the piece. STOMP makes no such claim; it is the exploration of rhythm in everyday things.

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