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Old Vic Theatre

The Old Vic Theatre is situated on the south of the river, away from the West End Theatre hub, on the Cut close to Waterloo station. The Old Vic is one of the oldest theatres in London and started its life in 1818 when it opened its doors as the Royal Coburg Theatre under the sponsorship and royal patronage of the Prince and Princess of Saxe Coburg. The Old Vic has seen many changes and, perhaps most dramatically, when Emma Cons the social reformer and educationalist bought the theatre in 1880 and converted it into a working class venue offering affordable cheap amusement of a clean nature for the working masses. Since then the Old Vic has seen 5 name changes since its start and is now a London Theatre institution as an Actors' theatre. A visit to south of the river is a must for any theatre goer in London to the much loved Old Vic Theatre.

Old Vic Theatre

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