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New Ambassadors Theatre

The New Ambassadors Theatre is situated on West Street opposite the elite restaurant 'The Ivy', which is frequented by the theatrical elite and celebrities alike. The Ambassador Theatre was originally designed to be one of a pair designed by W.G.R. Sprague, the sister theatre being St Martins, which was delayed due to the outbreak of the First World War but was finally started several years later. The Ambassador Theatre opened its doors in June 1913 and is a small theatre offering a very intimate atmosphere. The world's longest running play started its life at the Ambassadors Theatre, namely 'The Mousetrap' which opened on the 25th of November 1952. It ran with Richard Attenborough and his wife in the lead roles, running for 22 years until transferring to St Martins next door, and is still packing them in after 54 years. The Ambassador Theatre was renamed the New Ambassador Theatre in 1999.

New Ambassadors Theatre

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