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The Mousetrap - Story

The Mousetrap story line is simple, eight estranged people are snowed in at a guesthouse the owners of the guesthouse Mollie and Giles Ralston are hosts to an evening of frivolity and contemptuous impatience when the guests are thrown together 4 of which are eccentric guests are all together in the intimate guesthouse.

The late arrival of a detective who is forced to take shelter due to the bad weather is at the centre of the events that take place when one of the guests is mysteriously murdered by one of the other guests and the detective is forced to solve the crime and discover by clever interrogation who committed the deadly deed before other murders are committed.

Agatha Christie managed to capture an electric atmosphere of suspense and builds an intricate plot which gradually unfolds throughout the play with unexpected results as you try to out guess the real murderer and beat the detective with his methods of interrogation and assumptions. Can you work out the riddle and solve the mystery that is the Mouse trap or will you be in the dark till the very end.

Christie's group of strangers in the Mousetrap are from all walks of life, one of them for sure is a murderer the problem is who and why was the murder committed if the guests and hosts are all strangers why would one of them want to murder, what motive would there be. The newly married hosts also become suspects and the Detective has to assume that all and any of the people trapped in the guesthouse could be the murderer.

The guests consist of a Spinster with a curious background; a retired Army major who is a rather strange diminutive figure who claims his car was over turned in the snow but for some reason his story of why he is there is somewhat unbelievable. The other guests consist of Jurist who is a miserable character who makes everyone miserable as well. The policeman who plays the detective who arrives unexpectedly on skis has to solve the sudden murder of the Jurist and in so doing uncovers many skeletons in the other guests and exposes the past as he struggles to discover the reason why the Jurist would be murdered and of course by who.

The guests soon discover that their night at Monks Well Manor could in fact be their last night alive as the snow piles up outside the dead bodies begin to pile up inside and the reducing number of guests are wondering who is the murderer amongst their midst's. Will the policeman identify the murderer or murders before dawn breaks. The Mousetrap is a enthralling story where you cant avoid being sucked into the minds of the players and above all the mind of the murder as you too try to unravel the murder mystery of the Mouse Trap. If you want to find out if you can then you have to pop along to see the Mousetrap your self.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is one of the most widely read novelists in the world and is responsible for other famous murder mysteries such as Miss Marple, and that Belgian Detective Poirot and stories such as Murder on the Orient Express and Murder on the Nile.

Other famous Murder Mysteries by Agatha Christie:

  • Go Back For Murder
  • The Hollow
  • Appointment with Death
  • Ten Little Indians
  • Towards Zero
  • Witness for Prosecution
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Showing @ St Martin's Theatre

The Mousetrap tickets
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The Mousetrap tickets
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