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Alphabetical list of London shows by Type


  @ London Coliseum
  Wednesday 20th March 2013 to Sunday 24th March 2013

  @ Lilian Baylis Theatre
  Thursday 20th December 2012 to Monday 31st December 2012

Boston Ballet - Neo-Classical
  @ London Coliseum
  Wednesday 3rd July 2013 to Sunday 7th July 2013

Burn the Floor
  @ Shaftesbury Theatre
  Wednesday 6th March 2013 to Sunday 1st September 2013

Carlos Acosta
  @ London Coliseum
  Tuesday 30th July 2013 to Sunday 4th August 2013

Daniel Linehan - Gaze is a Gap is a Ghost
  @ Lilian Baylis Theatre
  Tuesday 21st May 2013 to Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Emporers for Tea
  @ Savoy Theatre
  Sunday 27th January 2013

English National Ballet - A Tribute to Rudolf Nureyev
  @ London Coliseum
  Thursday 25th July 2013 to Saturday 27th July 2013

English National Ballet - Ecstasy and Death: Petite Mort/Le Jeune Homme et la Mort/Etudes
  @ London Coliseum
  Thursday 18th April 2013 to Sunday 21st April 2013

Imogene Knight and Levant's Dance Theatre
  @ Lilian Baylis Theatre
  Saturday 9th February 2013

London Children's Ballet - The Secret Garden
  @ Peacock Theatre
  Thursday 25th April 2013 to Sunday 28th April 2013

Midnight Tango
  @ Phoenix Theatre
  Wednesday 30th January 2013 to Sunday 2nd March 2014

My First Cinderella
  @ Peacock Theatre
  Wednesday 27th March 2013 to Sunday 7th April 2013

  @ Royal Opera House
  Saturday 19th January 2013 to Friday 8th February 2013

Sally Cookson & Wilkie Branson - Varmints
  @ Lilian Baylis Theatre
  Friday 17th May 2013

  @ Ambassadors Theatre
  Thursday 27th September 2007 to Open ended run

Swan Lake: English National Ballet (ENB)
  @ London Coliseum
  Wednesday 9th January 2013 to Saturday 19th January 2013

Tango Fire
  @ Peacock Theatre
  Wednesday 30th January 2013 to Saturday 16th February 2013

The Royal Ballet - Apollo - Mixed programme
  @ Royal Opera House
  Friday 22nd February 2013 to Thursday 14th March 2013

The Royal Ballet - Firebird - Mixed programme
  @ Royal Opera House
  Saturday 22nd December 2012 to Friday 11th January 2013

The Royal Ballet - La Valse - Mixed programme
  @ Royal Opera House
  Tuesday 12th February 2013 to Saturday 23rd February 2013

Wild Card - Bellyflop
  @ Lilian Baylis Theatre
  Thursday 17th January 2013 to Friday 18th January 2013

Wild Card - Dan Canham
  @ Lilian Baylis Theatre
  Tuesday 12th February 2013

Wild Card - Ivan Blackstock
  @ Lilian Baylis Theatre
  Thursday 14th March 2013

ZooNation Dance Company - Some Like It Hip Hop
  @ Peacock Theatre
  Friday 3rd May 2013 to Sunday 30th June 2013

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