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The Lion King - The Story

This adorable story the Lion King is suitable for all ages and tells of a lion cub called 'Simba' as he struggles to accept the tough responsibilities of adulthood and his destiny to become the King of the Jungle.

The story of Simba in the Lion King is determined by his evil uncle 'Scar' who is pushed into second place in line to the throne with the birth of Simba. His intense jealousy and envy turned into an evil campaign of hatred towards Simba which manifests into a plot to kill Simba the baby lion and his father the King Mufasa and proclaim himself as the rightful king.

The plot by Scar partially succeeds as he manages to kill the King Mufusa but Simba in fear of his little life flees the kingdom to escape certain death. Simba is forced to grow up without his beloved father and vows to return to the Kingdom to face the evil Scar who had slain his father and deprived him of that relationship when he is old enough to do so. Simba always believed that his father had died because of Simba's existence and he grows up with this always in his mind.

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Showing @ Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King tickets
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The Lion King tickets
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