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The Lion King


"This is a wonderful, wonderful musical: thrilling, warm-hearted, inventive and original. The Lion King will touch a deep chord in everybody"
Sunday Times

"You hope all nights at the theatre will be like this. The Lion King restores true magic to the West End"
Daily Mail

"A ravishing spectacle. I can hardly wait to see it again"
Mail on Sunday

"For once a mega-musical lives up to the hype; this is a dazzling show"
Daily Telegraph

"It lights up the West End with a blaze of fabulous imagination"
Evening Standard

"A blockbuster musical with beauty and brains"
The Financial Times

"Spectacular... this version of The Lion King genuinely re-invents the piece in theatrical terms ... Pure delight floods the Lyceum Theatre"
The Independent

"My jaw hit my knees... Is the Lion King as good as they say it is? - Dammit Yes!"
The Express

"Real Disney magic... Spectacular sets and exotic costumes... It's a fun show for all the family"
Daily Mirror

"Impressive... diverse visual brilliance" The Guardian

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Showing @ Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King tickets
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The Lion King tickets
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