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Les Miserables - History

Les Miserables has been one of the longest running musical big cast extravaganzas to hit the London's West End and its story line id more serious that most over musicals and permits the inclusion of choral numbers and light operatic pieces which provide a tremendously emotional event which raises the audiences conventional feelings of participation and create an intense evening for all concerned.

Les Miserables - Productions

A video of the show Les Miserables recorded at the Royal Albert Hall Gala Concert sold over 1 million copies worldwide making it one of the best selling musical videos ever in the UK.

Les Miserables is currently playing New York and in Czechoslovakia and has played through Europe and will soon open in Denmark and Japan. The Show has taken an Asian turn of interest and opened in Shanghai Grand Theatre, China in June 2004 where all seats were sold and performances were sold out and received with great appreciation and approval from the Chinese audiences, even in the English language. Plans are in the process to create a Chinese language version in Cantonese which was staged in 2006.

Les Miserables Tickets

Les Miserables
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Showing @ Queen's Theatre

Les Miserables tickets
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Les Miserables tickets
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