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Blood Brothers - The Story

The story of the Blood Brothers Musical is based upon the tale of twin boys who were separated at birth and who grow up on separate sides of the track, eventually meeting up later in life with tragic results. Set in Liverpool during the 1950's the story tracks the lives of the twins Mickey & Eddy through to adulthood and ends with tragic consequences during the 1970's. The final act is both emotionally charged and an unexpected ending. The whole story is narrated to the audience by an anonymous man.

The incredible musical score includes Bright New Day, Marilyn Monroe and the very emotionally charged hit Tell Me It's Not True which is poignantly sung at the emotionally charged final scene of the musical.

To précis the Blood Brothers story, the opening scene is a darkened street in northern England with various characters and with two young men [the twins] being carried off the stage on stretchers. The narrator informs the audience that something terrible has happened, introduces Mrs Johnstone the mother, and takes the audience back 25 years to happier times to try to explain the story from its beginning. The narrator informs the audience 'let's see how she came to play this part' and the mother sings one of the great songs 'Marilyn Monroe'. The story opens at the final act and is told as a flash back.

We are informed that Mrs Johnstone is pregnant and already has plenty of children and as a working class girl this will put enormous pressure on her existing family problems. The scenes move to Mrs Johnstone's workplace where she is a cleaner for a wealthy family - the 'Lyons', and one scene tells of Mrs Johnstones superstitions when she tells her employer Mrs Lyons why it is not a good thing to do to put a pair of new shoes on a table. This is important as some of the songs are linked to this idea of the shoes on the table.

Mrs Lyons [the employer] is desperate for a child of her own but her wealthy husband does not want to adopt.

Mr Johnstone discovers his wife is pregnant once again and more importantly that she is going to have twins. Poor Mrs Johnstone explains to her employer that she is unable to cope with more children and Mrs Lyons makes the suggestion that she could take one of the babies to ease the pressure of Mrs Johnstone. Both of the Johnstones reluctantly agree to let one of the new born babies to be taken by Mrs Lyons and have to swear on the bible to agree to this but both feel reluctant about this arrangement.

Mrs Johnstone has a change of heart and wants to keep the twins but feels the only way she can manage is to take one of her new babies with her and leave the family. Mrs Lyons scares Mrs Johnstone with a superstitious story of separating twins and reuniting them later in life. If they ever discover they are twins it will result in the inevitable death of both of them.

The Story moves on after the birth of the twins and it is clear that Mrs Johnstone is unable to keep the twins together and Eddy is brought up by the rich Mrs Lyons and Mickey remains with Mrs Johnstone. Purely by chance, the boys aged 7 meet up and start to play together and become friends and they decide to become Blood Brothers once they discover they share the same birthday.

Mrs Lyons becomes aware of the boys meeting and she doesn't want Eddy to be mixing with his unknown twin Mickey. She moves house in an attempt to break up the boy's new found friendship. But Eddy meets up with his real mother Mrs Johnstone who still keeps the secret of her being his mother and instead she gives Eddy a locket with a picture of her and Mickey as a token for Eddy to remember them.

Many years go by and Eddy is at Boarding School and Mickey is at state school. Once again, by chance, they bump into each other but don't realise it until 4 years later when they are 18 when Eddy falls in love with a girl 'Linda' who happens to be dating Mickey. Many things happen while Eddy leaves to attend University. Mickey's life turns with unfortunate results as he discovers his girlfriends Linda is pregnant but he loses his job and argues with his bride to be and its apparent they have grown apart and are different people now. Eddy returns from University and meets up with Mickey and they argue and a small fight ensues. Unfortunately for Mickey he falls into criminal ways and takes part in a failed robbery in a vain attempt to get some money, and he goes to prison for 7 years.

Mickey's situation deteriorates whilst in prison and he becomes depressed and totally dependant on anti-depressant drugs. With his failing relationship with Linda he decides to make contact with Eddy upon his discharge. Eddy has now become a councillor but, because of the drugs that Mickey is on, he loses his sense of rationale and goes into a frenzy when he is discharged. He goes into a rage and bursts into Eddy's office carrying a gun as he suspects that Eddy has developed his aspirations on Linda whilst he had been incarcerated and turned her feelings away from Mickey.

The confrontation leads Linda onto the scene trying to placate Mickey and to defuse the situation. To make matters worse, the Police arrive then their Mother Mrs Johnstone arrives and drops the bombshell to Both Mickey and Eddy 'the Blood Brothers' that they are in fact twin brothers separated at birth and they should not be fighting. The stark reality adversely affects Mickey who asks 'Why me, why did his life turn out so bad on the poor side and his new found twin brother has led the good life with fine education and all the nice things that he never got'. In the heat of the moment Mickey's gun is pointing at Eddy and goes off. The Police react by shooting Mickey. The final act is the haunting superstitious story echoing back from Mrs Lyons. The final song is the haunting melody of 'Tell Me it's Not true' sung by Mrs Johnstone and the remaining cast.

Blood Brothers is a poignant story of love and sadness and reaches out the audience with passion and feelings, Blood Brothers is a story like no other and is both moving and gripping and has been entertaining audiences around the world.

Blood Brothers - the Characters

Principal Characters of the Blood Brothers Musical include:

  • Mrs. Johnstone [mother]
  • Mrs. Lyons
  • Mr. Lyons
  • Mickey (Twin)
  • Eddie (Twin)
  • Sammy Johnstone
  • Linda
  • Narrator
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