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Billy Elliot - From Film to Theatre Musical

The Billy Elliot Movie captured the hearts and minds all around the world when it premiered in October 2000. This touching story of young boy making good by realising his dreams against all adversities broke box office records and was nominated for a list of awards including 3 Golden Globes, 3 Oscars and 13 Bafta's. The original creative team who made the film have come together with the multi faceted all talented Sir Elton John to create a musical score to complement this wonderful story of faith and determination of one young boy over prejudice, adversity and ignorance.

Billy Elliot the Musical, like the movie, does contain some strong language and a few scenes of confrontations between the police and miners of which it is important to be made aware, particularly if you intend to take young children. The Billy Eliot Musical does have a recommendation that children should be aged over 8 yrs.

Billy Elliot the Musical won the 'Best Musical' award in the 51st London Evening Standard Award.

The musical score was created by none other than the legendary Sir Elton John who adds that touch of class that only Elton John can impart, which has turned this successful movie into a musical, all singing and dancing spectacular.

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Showing @ Victoria Palace Theatre

Billy Elliot - The Musical tickets
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Billy Elliot - The Musical tickets
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