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Scenes from an Execution

Scenes from an Execution is one of Barker's most famous works. This modern classic tells of a woman's brush with history in the twilight of the Renaissance. Galactia is a talented by feisty female artist. The government of a male dominated Venice have chosen her to commemorate a recent battle victory in a vast painting. Galactia, however, rebels and portrays the true horrors of war. Can one woman's artistic integrity triumph over the power of the whole state? Further details to be confirmed
Dates:Thursday 27th September 2012 to Sunday 9th December 2012
Time(s)Opens 04 October 2012. Sep 27,28,29, Oct 1,2,3,12,13,15,16, Nov 2,3,5,6,13,14,15 at 19:30. Oct 4 19:00. Oct 13, Nov 3,15 Mats 14:15. Nov 4 Mat 15:00
Author(s)Howard Barker
DirectorTom Cairns
MusicBen Ringham, Max Ringham
DesignHildegard Bechtler
ProducerNational Theatre
SoundBen Ringham, Max Ringham
CastFiona Shaw


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