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Damned by Despair

Obsessed with his own salvation, the hermit Paulo dedicates himself to ten years of prayerful penance. When his faith wavers, the ever-watchful Devil seizes the moment to convince him that he shares the fate of one Enrico, a notorious Neapolitan gangster destined for damnation. Swearing vengeance, Paulo lashes out against God and assembles a band of rival outlaws. "I'll match Enrico in mad badness. So, we're damned, both of us, are we? Then I'll be revenged on the whole world." And yet, even as their villainous crimes escalate, the possibility of redemption hovers over the two men, perhaps within reach. This fast-paced adventure story embraces bandits and beautiful women between glimpses of heaven and hell. The subversive and at times riotous exploration of faith and the transformative power of love races across the Italian landscape, relishing the unpredictability of fate, an extraordinary array of characters and their very real dilemmas. Sponsored by Travelex £12 Tickets
Dates:Tuesday 2nd October 2012 to Monday 17th December 2012
Time(s)Opens 10 October 2012. Oct 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,11,16,17,18,19,20,21,26,27, Nov 6,7 at 19:30. Oct 10 at 19:00. Oct 11,20,27 Mats 14:00. Oct 18,21,28 Mats 14:30
Author(s)Tirso de Molina
DirectorBijan Sheibani, Aline David (movement), Kate Waters (fight)
LightingJon Clark
MusicDan Jones
DesignGiles Cadle, Finn Ross (video)
Costume DesignMoritz Junge
ProducerNational Theatre
SoundDan Jones
CastSebastian Armesto (Paulo), Bertie Carvel (Enrico), Rory Keenan, Amanda Lawrence
CreditsAdapted by Frank McGuinness


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